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13 February to 29 September 2009

An American princess

13.2. - 29.6.2008

The Imperial Furniture Collection is showcasing the life of Grace Kelly, tracing the stages of her career with an impressive collection of 100 photographs. This exhibition is a first and was put together exclusively for the Imperial Furniture Collection. These images, taken by major photographers such as Milton Greene and Philippe Halsman, make the fairytale life of this princess of the movies who became a real-life princess on her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco come alive again in the exhibition.

What a career! There were just four short years between her break-through in 1952 with the western High Noon to her last film, the comedy of manners High Society. Twice nominated for an Academy Award, she finally won an Oscar in 1955 for her role in Country Girl. But it is above all for her roles as the coolest of Hitchcock's blondes in three of his best films that she will be remembered.

She was just 26 when she gave up her Hollywood career to become Princess Gracia Patricia. No Hollywood screenwriter could have come up with a better storyline. As Gracia Patricia she created the myth of Monaco, lending the minor principality glamour and making it a magnet for the international jet set.

Grace Kelly is a legend, admired for her beauty, her style, her life that could have come straight from a movie and the enduring appeal of some of her films. Ice maiden and snow-covered volcano were just some of the descriptions 1950s commentators made in trying to express Grace Kelly's ambivalent aura. It was her cool sex appeal that made her such an overwhelming presence on the silver screen.

The biography of Grace Kelly reads like a fairy-tale - but without a happy ending. Last September saw the 25th anniversary of her death. A quarter of a century has gone by since that fatal accident which put the final seal on her legendary status.

An exhibition of Reichelt Brockmann / Mannheim

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